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This is a brand new website about UFOs that we hope will get your attention. Our goal is to bring you the latest UFO stories and theories, along with pictures of UFO sightings.


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UFOs & The Speed of Light: One of the main objections to UFOs may be in jeopardy! Read the full article...

What's New?

Well, the interest in UFO phenomena is certainly not going away!! UFO sightings are still occurring frequently, with at least ten documented cases per month on average. These UFO sightings are also being captured on photo and video. Check this page for a list of the latest UFO sightings.

  Do UFO's Exist ?

- the old question that won't go away.

Of course UFO's do exist because there are many, many well documented cases about unidentified flying objects. The question is not "do they exist?" but rather "where do they come from?"

Most people have dismissed the idea of UFOs being piloted by little green aliens from Mars. If UFOs are extra-terrestrial the question is, where would they originate? Actually scientists are discovering planets, that may support life, in solar systems of several stars - and the search continues. A recent discovery revealed a very earth-like planet. Read the full story here.



 Since even the closest stars are still a long way off, it would take a spacecraft travelling at tremendous speed to get here in a reasonable time frame. UFO researcher Stanton Friedman identified stars like Zeta Reticula, which is about 37 light years from our solar system, as a possible source. These twin stars are about the same age and size as our sun, and could support a planetary system.With the discovery of actual planets in other solar systems this quest for identifying possible origins of UFOs will become more focused.



French Government Opens UFO files

The Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is the French government agency responsible for France’s space policy in Europe. One department is dedicated to the investigation of UFO phenomena. Called GEIPAN (for Groupe d’Etude et d’Information sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés), it takes its name from the French term for UFO.

GEIPAN is putting every UFO related case it has received since 1988 online. The database will go back as far as 1954. It contains about 3,000 reports of 1,650 UFO sightings. You can read more about these fascinating cases on the CNES website.